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Crossfields Consulting

Crossfields Consulting engages in short or long-term projects with businesses and charities internationally. We specialise in strategic change, leadership and management, organisational culture, staff development and motivation.

Organisations who have so far benefited from the work include –

AIB Study Abroad (DE)
Biosa (DK)
Caravane (QA)
Center for Discovery (US)
Glaxo Smith Kline (UK)
Hawthorne Valley Association (US)
Meristem (US)
Montessori Centre International (UK)
National Health Service (NHS) Avon and Wiltshire (UK)
Rudolf Steiner Skolen Kvistgård (DK)
Rudolf Steiner Skolen i Odense (DK)
Ruskin Mill Trust (UK)
University of Birmingham (UK)
University of Nottingham (UK)
University of Southern Denmark (DK)
Witherslack Group (UK)

Workshops we offer to our collaborators and clients include –

  1. Working with uncertainty and complexity in the workplace
  2. Care, creativity and courage in the workplace
  3. Creating a culture of effective and creative client facing work
  4. Developing self and others in the workplace
  5. Performance and development reviews that make a difference)
  6. Competent moment-to-moment facilitation and leadership in the workplace
  7. How to hold a meeting that matters
  8. The Art and Craft of Delegation

For more information, contact Charlotte von Bülow