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Everybody’s working life is different, but there may come a time where guidance is needed. It could be advice on a current role, on progression, on leadership, or simply a helping hand in difficult times.

The coaching team uses a dialogic and collaborative method. Through communication and collaboration with their coach or mentor, as well as reflective exercises, the client is enabled to see their situation in a different light and to discover where their path is leading them. The co-creation of a new vision is the aim of the coaching model that Crossfields Europa has developed.

If you are interested in discussing coaching, please contact Charlotte von Bülow at charlotte@crossfieldsinstitute.com or on +44 7704 341 744

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Working with Crossfields Institute to develop my leadership skills has been an interesting and extremely fruitful experience. We can all read management books and attempt to translate others wisdom and observation into practice, but often it is our internal knowledge and existing skills that we omit from the process. My journey with Crossfields Institute has tapped into this internal resource, combined with practical leadership theory, to enable me to understand and develop my leadership skills.

The mentoring, firmly based around my work issues and aspirations gave the space and time to discuss, analyse and develop tactics and strategies which are relevant to the everyday situations I face. As I have put into practice what we have discussed the results have become apparent. My confidence as a leader has grown, my personal development accelerated and ultimately my department is responding, becoming more effective in the work they do.

Operations Director
of a world-leading special effects business in the UK