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The consultancy team at Crossfields Europa specialises in bringing an “outside-in” perspective to organisations and companies that feel the need for a fresh pair of eyes. Through techniques such as active listening, organisational analysis, stakeholder consultation and data analysis, the team is able to provide a range of services, from strategic overview and board recommendations to stakeholder satisfaction and concerns reports and recommendations.

Our clients portfolio include the following organisations:

  • Hawthorne Valley Association (USA)
  • National Trust (UK)
  • Avon and Wiltshire NHS Foundation Trust (UK)
  • University of Nottingham (UK)
  • The Bridge Foundation (UK)
  • Kvistgaard School (Denmark)
  • Association of Steiner Schools (UK and Europe)


“It is rare to encounter someone able to command, much less navigate, the tension between the creative and the analytical, the nuanced and the bold, or the ever-demanding reality of a room of complex personalities. To say that Charlotte is the embodiment of that navigational capacity is an understatement, at best. In all the strategic planning processes I’ve been witness to, experiencing one guided by Charlotte was thrillingly productive, with both a focus on execution melded with the recognition of the subtleties of progress. I can only hope to work together again, and to learn from her honed approach.”
Kevin Irby, Threadspan

“I have worked with Charlotte Von Bulow for the past several months, as a member of a Strategic Planning Committee of a complex organization, which had engaged Crossfields to lead and guide our efforts. Her clarity of thought, attention to design and process, skill at interviewing, sensitivity to personal dynamics, and concise and illuminating comments helped us to navigate a daunting process. I cannot imagine how we would have managed without her encouragement and good humor keeping us focussed and on task to successful completion of the project. My only regret is that the process is now over and I will miss our close engagement with Charlotte and the Crossfields team”
L. Sackler, Hawthorne Valley School

If you would like to know more, please contact Charlotte von Bülow at charlotte@crossfieldsinstitute.com or on +44 7704 341 744